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As a Master Coach for real estate entrepreneurs, my team of real estate coaching experts and I have successfully coached 1,837 entrepreneurs to 6 and 7-figure incomes.

I built a $5 million-dollar real estate coaching company, one of the largest in the US, advising my coaching clients on how to super charge their real estate investing results using my REAL ESTATE MASTER SKILLS. 

As a testament to our success, 71% of the top real estate entrepreneurs that we have coached, are living financially free today.

“My first month using Dan’s Master Skills I brought in just over $100,000 for my best month ever! My wife tells me I’m actually getting better looking with each new deal. I’m a fan for life.” Dutch Andrews, VA
You see, I really know real estate entrepreneurs intimately. And I know what they need to be more successful. I developed a set of strategies called “Master Skills” … powerful yet simple tools that you can implement tomorrow and see results in weeks, not months or years!”

Join Us For A FREE 45 Minute Breakthrough Session (A $550.00 VALUE) And You’ll Have A Fast Way Out Of The Rut You’re Now Stuck In!

So, what do you think? Which kind of real estate investor do you want to be? The one stuck in a rut and you can’t break out of…or the one who’s kicking real estate butt and taking no prisoners?

It’s actually YOUR call, YOUR choice.

Can you make a legitimate excuse to miss this hour or so of education about 10Xing Your Real Estate Income In Half The Time? Or can you make a legitimate effort to show up and finally see how to finally leapfrog out of your rut?

After all, what do you have to lose?

“We use the lessons from Dan’s Master Skills for everything: buying houses, setting appointments, finding private money, paying for marketing, etc.  I can’t imagine running a house buying business without it. Only learn Master Skills if you want to do more deals. We’re extremely successful and have easily made over $1,000,000 extra because we use Dan’s Master Skills all the time.” 
Wes Jordan, AL

The $550.00 Value session is free, and the worst-case scenario is you waste 45 minutes or so of your time, while still getting educated on real estate income explosion secrets your “gurus” have not told you about!

Here’s what we’ll talk you through on this Breakthrough Session:

o    Your family and financial situation,
o    Your real estate investing business,
o    Your success or lack of success,
o    Your current mindset,
o    Your frustrations,
o    Your goals,
o    How you can move from your unwanted current state to your desired
      future state,
o    What to do or not do as next steps, and,
o    How we help frustrated real estate investors 10X their income by
      quickly and effortlessly breaking through self-imposed barriers.

•    We will also be sure to answer all your questions about our coaching, and any concerns you may have.

•    By-the-way, during the session, we promise we will NOT apply or use any insufferable sales pressure that everyone hates. We will simply talk through your real estate investment success issues, and see where things go from there.   

•    Then, at the end of the Breakthrough Session, there can be one of three possible outcomes:

o    You are not interested in going any further with the one-on-one coaching process. We end the session, part friends, and that will be that.

o    We don’t feel you’re a qualified candidate at this time for the one-on-one coaching process. We end the session, part friends and that will be that. (We can always re-connect in the future if your situation changes!)

o    We mutually agree that our one-on-one coaching process is right for you, discuss pricing, terms and details, and move on to the next steps in the process.


"Master Skills ROCK! I have used the Master Skills presentation 2 times. The 2nd time I used it I bought a house – $29K in equity - Yeah! That is after making about 20 presentations before using Master Skills and not getting even 1 deal.” Tara Tooley, CO

Please register for the Breakthrough Session NOW before you procrastinate and set this aside.

Procrastination is a really bad idea here because if you just wait and wait and not take action, you won’t ever be able to change the results you’re now getting.

Unless you take this first step towards the real estate business of your dreams, things will be the same next year, 2 years from now, 5, 10, 20 years from now.

Doing what you’ve been doing will cause you to keep getting the same results you’ve always gotten.

Want new 10X income results? Then you need to take us up on this guaranteed offer to see how quickly and easily you can discover and use the secrets of how to “10X Your Income In Half The Time!”

By the way, procrastination is a great example of a barrier that is holding you back.  Do you see that with my help if you were able to significantly reduce or eliminate this barrier, you would produce so much more? 

Good news is fixing procrastination is one of my specialties!


Dan Doran, Founder
THE Real Estate Master Skills Coach

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